Flight Training Centre,


Completed: June, 2019

Service: Architecture

Sectors: Transport, Industrial

Client: Jet2.com

Size: 33,000sqft

This facility in Bradford provides most of the training facilities for pilots and cabin crew in a single facility. Having delivered the original fit-out at another practice, Cunniff Design were asked to design the installation of an additional simulator in the main flight hall. Each Sim sits on a large concrete base over 1m think, extending below the floor slab of the unit. Hydraulic plant, computer control and de-briefing rooms are also required for each Sim in accordance with strict CAA rules and guidelines.


The main challenges were technical; designing the base and support structures to accommodate a large piece of precision equipment demanded very accurate co-ordination setting out. The construction and installation of the new Sim in a working flight hall was also carefully controlled to avoid any disruption to the existing Sims, which were kept operational throughout.